The Development Plan of Salt Contamination Map Using GIS

지리정보 시스템을 이용한 전국 염해 오손도 구축 방안

  • Published : 2001.11.16


Contamination flashover is responsible for insulator electrical failures. Particularly, in Korea, with its perennially dry spring, the first spring rain often cause serious line outages by forming a conductive liquid film on the insulator surface. Rainwater and fog are not normally conductive but unfortunately atmospheric dust deposited on the insulator surface contains soluble salts which may lead to bad condition of insulation by combining watery and salts. Transmission design engineers have used a contamination map drawn on the traditional paper map. But it is not convenient because it does not include the information of Geographic Information accurately. This paper explains the newly developed salt contamination map program using Geographic Information System, which provide accurate geographic information. The program is designed to use four parts of datum, salt contamination levels, 345kV & 154 kV transmission lines, power plants & substations and background map. The digital background map is composed of raster files, the others are done by vector map.