Interior noise prediction of the Korean high speed train using sound source contribution analysis and sensitivity analysis of wall′s transmission loss

소음원 기여도 해석 및 벽면 투과손실에 대한 민감도 해석에 의한 한국형 고속철도의 실내소음 예측

  • Published : 2001.11.01


The interior sound pressure level of the Korean high speed train is predicted using ray acoustic method. The motor car, motorized car and passenger cabin are investigated under the environment of passing open countryside and inside tunnel Calculated sound levels of KHST are compared with the those of KTX prototype which vehicle shows similar acoustic behavior with KHST for the purpose of assuring the calculated data. In order to reduce the calculated SPL in systematic way, contribution analysis of sound sources and sensitivity analysis of concerning wall's transmission loss on the SPL of the designated receiving points are carried out. Finally, practical design suggestions are proposed.