Predictive Spacecraft Attitude Control under External Disturbances

  • Published : 2001.10.01


The predictive control is one of the nonlinear three-axis rotation methods. The desired trace of a satellite is pre-determined, and the control inputs are designed so that the satellite follows the ´predictive´ trace. The predictive control has been adapted to the research for the three-axis attitude control. In that case, the control variables are the quaternion represented the angular rates and attitude angles of the body about the three-axes. The objective of this paper is to propose to design a predictive controller for the three-axis attitude control under external disturbances. In order to do that, this paper proposes how to construct a predictive control law including disturbances and to discern them. The basic algorithm of the existent predictive control is partially modified, and the presumption and modeling of disturbances are performed ...