Seismic Analysis and Vibration Test of HANARO In-Chimney Bracket

하나로 침니내부지지대의 내진해석 및 진동시험

  • 류정수 (한국원자력연구소 하나로이용연구단 하나로운영팀) ;
  • 윤두병 (한국원자력연구소 하나로이용연구단 하나로운영팀)
  • Published : 2001.04.01


The HANARO in-chimney bracket was proposed as a structure which supports the guide tubes of irradiation facilities at the irradiation sites of CT, IR and OR4/5 in HANARO core for the reduction of flow-induced vibration and seismic response of the irradiation facilities. For the evaluation of the structural integrity of the in-chimney bracket, its finite element model is developed. The seismic response analysis was performed for the in-chimney bracket and related reactor structures, under the response spectrum of OBE and SSE. The analysis results show that stress values of the in-chimney bracket and reactor structures for the seismic loads are within the ASME code limits. It is also confirmed that its fatigue usage factor is much less than 1.0. For the verification of the implementation effects of the in-chimney bracket, the vibration level of the guide tube of the instrumented fuel assembly, which is subjected to fluid-induced vibration, was measured and analyzed. The vibration analysis results demonstrate that the vibration level of the instrumented fuel assembly has been remarkably reduced after installing the in-chimney bracket. Therefore, when the in-chimney bracket is installed at the reactor chimney, any damage on the structural integrity is not expected.