Dynamic Alongwind Response of the Structure under the Wind Load

풍하중을 받는 구조물의 풍방향 동적응답해석

  • 도혜경 (성균관대학교 건축학과) ;
  • 권택진 (성균관대학교 건축학과)
  • Published : 2001.10.01


The structural dynamic responses by wind load consist of alongwind, acrosswind and torsional behavior. Specially, dynamic alongwind response can be obtained from theoretical approach presented by Davenport, Vellozzi and Cohen. Generally the structural dynamic alongwind response can be obtained using the approximate analysis, under the condition that only the first mode shape of the structure is considered and the mode shape is assumed to be a linear function. In this paper, the dynamic alongwind responses are performed by using spectrum of longitudinal velocity fluctuations presented by Davenport and Kaimal, respectively.