Variations in Ductility of Shear Wall with Length of Boundary Confinement

단부 횡보강영역에 따른 전단벽 연성도의 변화

  • Published : 2001.05.01


Experimental studies were peformed to investigate variations in ductility of shear wall with length of boundary confinement. Eight specimens containg different lengths of confinment zone, which model compressive zone in plastic regions of shear walls, were tested against eccentric vetical load. Stress-strain model for confined concrete was used to predict strength and ductility of the specimens, which was compared to the test results. The results obtained show that failure of the compressive zone occurs in a brittle manner when the stress of unconfined zone softened after the ultimate strength were reached. To enhance the ductility of shear walls with concentrated confinement zone such as barbell-type walls, the ultimate strength of the confinement zone needs to be increased, and for shear walls with distributed confinement zone the length of the confinement zone needs to be extended.