Behaviour Analyses of Ocean Structure Due to Ship Collision

선박의 충돌로 인한 해양구조물의 거동 해석

  • 이호영 (울산대학교 수송시스템공학부)
  • Published : 2001.05.01


When ship claps against the ocean structure sited at shallow water, the time simulation of motion responses of dolphin-moored ocean structure is presented. The equatien of motion based on Cummin's theory of impulse responses are employed, and solved in time domain by using the Newmark $\beta$ method. The added mass and damping coefficients involved in the equations are obtained from a three-dimensional panel method in the frequency domain. The impact forces due to ship collision are modeled as two method, and those are elastic and non-elastic collisions. The mooring forces for dolphin systems of scean structure are considered as linear spring system.