Characteristics of Electron Beam Extraction in Cold Cathode Type Large Cross-Sectional Pulsed Electron Beam Generator

냉음극형 대면적 펄스 전자빔 가속기의 빔인출 특성

  • Published : 2001.07.18


A large cross-section pulsed electron beam generator of cold cathode type has been developed for industrial applications, for example, waste water cleaning, flue gas cleaning, and pasteurization etc. The operational principle is based on the emission of secondary electrons from cold cathode when ions in the plasma hit the cathode, which are accelerated toward exit window by the gradient of an electric potential. The conventional electron beam generators need an electron scanning beam because the small cross section thermal electron emitter is used. The electron beam of large cross-section pulsed electron beam generator do not need to be scanned over target material because the beam cross section is large by 300$cm^2$. We have fabricated the large cross-sectional pulsed electron beam generator with the peak energy of 200keV and beam diameter of 200mm and obtained the large area electron beam in the air. The electron beam current has been investigated as a function of accelerating voltage, glow discharge current, helium pressure, distance from the exit window and radial distribution in front of the exit window.