A study on deformation and strength of polymer composites using automobiles

자동차용 폴리머 복합재료의 변형과 강도에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2000.11.02


The effect of the temperature, the fatigue and the test speed on DEN(double edged notch) specimen which was made by the pp-rubber composites during fracture was stuied. DEN specimen was made on PP-rubber composites through the injection molding. With increasing temperature the fracture strength is linearly decrease and the fracture energy is first increase by $0^{\circ}C$ and after that decrease. In the same temperature the fracture strength during increasing the notch radius is hardly increase. The fracture behaviour at low and high test speed is different entirely. At high test speed plastic region is small and fracture behaviour was seen to brittle fracture tendency. The deformation mechanism of polypropylene-rubber composites during fracture was studied by SEM fractography. A strong plastic deformation of the matrix material ahead of the notch/crack occured. The deformation seem to be enhanced by a thermal blunting of the notch/crack.