Enhancement of a parabolic face working accuracy using volumetric error compensation of NC milling machine

NC 밀링머신의 Volumetric 오차보상을 통한 포물면 가공의 정밀도 향상

  • Published : 2000.05.01


One of the major limitations of productivity and quality in machining is machining accuracy of the machine tools. The machining accuracy is affected by geometric, volumetric errors of the machine tools. This paper suggests the enhancement method of machining accuracy for precision machining of high quality metal reflection mirror or optics lens, etc. In this paper, we study 1) the compensation of linear pitch error with NC controller compensation function using laser interferometer measurement, 2) the method for enhancing the accuracy of NC milling machining by modeling and compensation of volumetric error, 3) the generation of the parabolic face profile. And the method is verified by the parabolic face machining experiment with a vertical three axes NC milling machine. After this study, we will inspect using On-machine measurement and study the repetitive machining by a compensated path