The reviews and Proposals for field instrumentation and management in embankment construction on soft ground

연약지반상의 현장계측관리 실태와 개선방향 고찰(도로를 중심으로)

  • 정종홍 (한국도로공사 서해2건설사업소) ;
  • 김홍종 (한국도로공사 서해2건설사업소) ;
  • 김성환 (한국도로공사 도로연구소)
  • Published : 2000.03.01


Field instrumentation has been important part of construction management in embankment on soft ground. Most of all, well organized plan, instrumentation, maintenance, analysis and feed-back to the construction procedure are the key to the successful construction. In this paper, We review problems of field instrumentation has been performed at road construction on soft ground. And then, several proposals to improve field instrumentation and management are suggested