Prediction of Pollutant Transport by Dispersion Model on Estuary

확산모형에 의한 하구에서의 오염물질이동 예측(수공)

  • Published : 2000.10.01


Environmental impact on a land reclamation project, Hwaong tidal barrier was studied using the dispersion and advection model to predict the influence of polluted water discharged from freshwater reservior. The simulation results show that the distribution of concentration by influence of polluted water discharged during a tidal cycle appeared to be extinguished at atmost all points after two tidal cycle. Peak concentration near the sluice gate is found out to be higher during the spring tide than neap tide. Equi-concentration contour line appeared to distributed a longer according to line of sea dike in spring tide than neap tide. The reasons is because influence by currents of northwest direction is a stronger, compared to spring tide and neap tide in the flood tide.