Seismic Evaluation of concrete-Filled Steel Piers with Secondary Reinforcement

보조보강재가 있는 콘크리트 충전 강교각의 내진성능 평가

  • 박병기 (벽산엔지니어링 학생회원)
  • Published : 2000.04.01


Strenght and ductility are major factors in the aseismic design of a bridge pier. In spite of good performance in both steel piers have not been used widely due to high cost. But with the filled-in concrete the steel pier have advantages compare to the steel pier only such as improved strength ductility fast construction small section and reasonable cost. In this paper concrete-filled steel piers are tested using quasi-static cyclic lateral load with constant axial load to evaluate the performance. The secondary reinforcement devices such as bolts corner plate and turn buckle are used inside of the piers to improve the ductility with minimum additional cost. Test results shows filled-in concrete and secondary reinforcement devices increase the strength and the ductility of the steel pier.