Oxidation of Chromium(III) to Chromium (VI) by Manganese Oxides : Variability in Mineralogy

  • Kim, Jae Gon (National Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology)
  • Published : 1999.06.01


Manganese (Mn) oxides in soils and sediments differ in structure and composition. The influence of that diversity on the chromium (Cr) oxidation is the subject of this report. Oxidation of Cr(III) to Cr(VI) by coarse clay size Mn oxides (synthetic pyrolusite and natural lithiophorite, todorokite, and bimessite) was studied. Chromium oxidation by Mn oxides was initially fast and followed by a slow reaction. More Cr was oxidized by the Mn oxides at lower pH and higher initial Cr(III) concentration in solution. Birnessite had the highest chromium oxidation capacity per unit external surface area (COCUESA) and lithiophorite had the lowest COCUESA. The kinetics of Cr oxidation and COCUESA of Mn oixdes were apparently controlled by reactivity of surface Mn, mineralogy, and solution properties (pH and Cr(III) concentration).