AAL type 2의 CPS 기능 구현

Implementation of CPS function for AAL type 2

  • 발행 : 1999.06.01


AAL type 2 provides for the bandwidth efficient transmission of low bit rate, short and variable packets in delay sensitive application. The service object for these networks ranges from POTS to multimedia conference. In this paper, we present one possible architecture which common part sublayer for new AAL type 2. The proposed CPS function has been achieved with on a FPGA The proposed architecture is faithful to the standardization of ITU-T and ATM-forum recommendation The proposed architecture applies to variable packet length from architecture CODECs for cellular network.. It's maximum process capability is 155Mbps with 256 CIDs. The architecture has sync./async. interface to application block and UTOPIA interface is used for physical layer interface.