Digital Image Simulation of Electro-Optical Camera(EOC) on KOMPSAT-1

  • Published : 1999.11.01


Electro-Optical Camera (EOC) is the main payload of the KOMPSAT-1 satellite to perform the mission of cartography that builds up a digital map of Korean territory including a digital terrain elevation map. This paper discusses the issues of the digital image simulation of EOC for the generation of EOC simulated scene as taken by EOC at 685km altitude on orbit. For the purpose, simulation work has been performed with the sensor models of EOC and the satellite platform motions models through image chain analysis from the illumination source (Sun) to a simulated image output in digital number. MODTRAN fur radiance calculation, MTF models of optics, detector and motions of EOC for system point spread function (PSF), and signal chain equations for digital number output are described. Several noise models of EOC are also considered. The final output is the EOC simulated image in digital number. The simulation technique can be used in several phase of a spaceborne electro-optical system development project, feasibility study phase, design, manufacturing, test phases, ground image processing phases, and so on.