A Study of renovation for the cultural resourceful utilization of traditional high-class housing designated as a cultural property - Focusing n the No.27 National Folklore Resource Kongdukguiga -

문화재 지정 전통 상류주택의 문화자원적 활용을 위한 전시기념관으로의 리노베이션 계획 연구 - 민속자료 27호 공덕귀가를중심으로 -

  • 안주영 (정회원, 아키토피아 건축사 사무소 디자이너) ;
  • 최상헌 (이사, 중앙대학교 건축학과)
  • Published : 1999.04.01


Traditional housing must be conserved simultaneously with not only the building itself, but the circumstances of the surroundings. Hence, traditional housing should be developed as a product of a culture environment. However, most cultural properties have recently been treated as only a piece of property by irresponsible maintenance practices and damage placed on private traditional housing. Apparently, it has not always been a result of dweller's negligence. Thus, various policies must be needed to effectively preserve traditional housing. To do so, this study will indicate a new direction for the circumstance of preservation through cultural employment of traditional high-class housing as well as reduce maintenance and damage for dweller's convenience. Furthermore, this study will propose a renovation for popularization of Korean cultural assets through the gradual implementation of both economic value and public worth.