The Characteristics of Superposed Ozonizer using Three-Phase Voltage

3상전압을 이용한 중첩방전형 오존발생기의 특성

  • Published : 1999.07.19


In this paper, an ozonizer, which can generate individual and superposed silent discharge, using three-phase voltage has been designed and manufactured. The ozonizer consists of 3 electrodes(Central Electrode, Internal Electrode and External Electrode) and 2 gaps(gap between Central Electrode and Internal Electrode, gap between Internal Electrode and External Electrode). Ozone is generated according to voltage supplying method to each electrode by individual silent discharge and three-phase superposed discharge. The characteristics of ozone generation were investigated with variation of discharge power and the quantity of supplied gas($O_2$). In case of individual silent discharge, the maximum values of ozone concentration, ozone generation and ozone yield were obtained between internal electrode and external electrode, and its values were 2300[ppm], 570[mg/h] and 745[g/kWh] respectively. Each maximum values was 5039[ppm], 1773[mg/h] and 851[g/kWh] respectively, when three-phase superposed silent discharge was employed. Therefore, characteristics of ozone generation with three-phase voltage are improved compared with single-phase voltage because silent discharge is generated continuously.