Induction Heating of Aluminum Alloys for Thixoforging

Thixoforging 공정을 위한 알루미늄 재료의 유도 가열

  • Published : 1998.03.01


The semi-solid materials(SSMs) fabricated under electric-magnetic stirring condition are necessary to be applicated in the thixoforging process. The optimal reheating conditions to thixoforging process were investigated with changing the reheating time, holding time, reheating temperatures, capacity, and adiabatic material size. In the case of solid fraction fs=50%, the microstructure of SSM (specimen size:d76X 190) at the condition of the first reheating time 4min, holding time lrnin and reheating temperature 350%, the second reheating time 3min, holding time 3min and reheating temperature 575C, the thlrd reheating time lmin, holding time 2min and reheating temperature 584'C, capacity Q=8.398KW, and adiabatic material size 53mm is obtained with globular microstructure and finest.