Comparison of Mode Superposition Method and Mode Acceleration Method in Dynamic Analysis of Suspension Bridges under Wind Loads

풍하중을 받는 현수교의 진동 해석에 있어서 모우드 중첩법과 모우드 가속도법의 비교

  • 김태남 (상지대학교 토목공학과)
  • Published : 1997.10.01


A method of stochastic dynamic analysis of suspension bridge subjected to random wind loads has been developed in this paper. Example analyses are carried out by mode superposition method(MSM), mode acceleration method(MAM) and advanced mode acceleration method(AMAM) in frequency domain for the Nam-Hae Bridge. In this study the statistical characterics of random wind loads we assumed to be Gaussian stationary zero mean processes. The considered structural response quanties are displacements, shear forces and bending moments. The mean extreme responses are approximately calculated by three times of standard deviations. The followings are the conclusions from this study. 1. Numerical results which obtained by three methods of computer program developed in this paper agree reasonably well when the numbers of modes increase. 2. AMAM is simple, accurate, economic and reliable method compared with the MSM and the MAM.