Reheating Process of Semi-Solid Aluminum Alloy

반융용알루미늄재료의 재가열공정

  • Published : 1997.06.01


A semi-solid forming has a lot of advantages compared to the die casting, squeeze costing and convenctional forging, therefore, semi-solid forming process are now becoming of industial interest for the production of metal components and metal matrix composites. However, the material behaviour in the semi-solid temperature range is not sufficiently known although it controls the whole process through forces and geometry evolutions bcause the behaviour of metal slurries is complex. The semi-solid materials(SSM) fabricated under electric-magnetic stirring condition is necessary to be applicate in forming process. A reheating conditions were studied with the reheating time, holing time and reheating temperatures. The microstructure of SSM (which specimen size:d 40${\times}$i60) on condition of heating time 10min and heating temperature 590$^{\circ}C$ is most globular and finest one. The microstructure of SSM(specimen size:d75${\times}$i60) reheated under the three step reheating conditions is most globular and finest.