The effects of scaling factors and quantization in sensors on free motion of teleoperation system

  • Published : 1997.10.01


One of the advantages of master-slave teleoperation is scaling concept such as position scaling, force scaling Meanuhile, lots of quantization effects are generated from position and force sensors in the master and slave manipulator. In this paper, to show the output error caused by the quantizaion effects from the position sensor and position scaling factor, simulation is done for free motion without contact in slave side. Transfer functiion model in which the quantization effect is assumed to be a disturbance input to the system is derived. Model shows that Jacobian, scaling factors, and controller affect the output by quantization effects form esnsors. One dof master and slave are used for simulation. In our study, the higher sensor resolution decreases the output error form quantization. Scaling factors can amplify the quantizatiion effects form the sensors in master and slave manipulators.