Structural Dynamics Analysis of a Clamp Jointed Complex Ream by Using the Flexibility Influence Coefficient Method

유연도 영향계수법을 이용한 접촉결합부가 있는 복합구조물의 동적 해석

  • Published : 1995.10.01


An analyical method is proposed to construct a clamp jointed structure as an equivalent stiffness matrix element in the finite element modal analysis of a complex beam structure. Static structural analysis was first made for the detail finite element model of the clamp joint. Utilizing the results of this analysis, the equivalent stiffness matrix element was buildup by using the flexibility influence coefficient method and Guyan condensation. The proposed method was applied to finite element modal analysis of a clamp jointed cantilever beam. And the finite element analysis results were compared to those experimental modal analysis. Comparison shows doog agreement each other Furthermore the effects of normal contact(or clamping) load on the equivalent stiffness matrix was also examined. The equivalent stiffness matrix showed little change in spite of the remakable increase in the contact load on the clamp joint.