Yield and Compression Behavior of Semi-Solid Material by Upper Bound Method

상계법에 의한 반융용 재료의 항복과 압축거동

  • Published : 1995.10.01


In Semi-Solid Forging, it is necessary to control the forming variables accurately in order to make near-net-shape products. Generally, the defects of products may occur due to liquid segregation which can be caused by the degree of deformation and condition of friction in Semi-Solid Forging, where the segregation is to be predicted by flow analysis. This paper presents the feasibility of theoretical analysis model using the new yield function which is proposed by Doraivelu et al. to the flow analysis of the semi-solid dendritic Sn-15%Pb alloys instead of adopting the yield criterion of Shima & Oyane which is used by Charreyron and usefulness of the adopted yield function. The distribution of the liquid fraction at various strains in radial direction and the influence of friction are estimated by Upper Bound Method.