An iterative learning and adaptive control scheme for a class of uncertain systems

  • Kuc, Tae-Yong (Department of Electrical Engineering POSTECH, Hyosa-dong San-31, Pohang Kyungbuk 790-330) ;
  • Lee, Jin-S. (Department of Electrical Engineering POSTECH, Hyosa-dong San-31, Pohang Kyungbuk 790-330)
  • Published : 1990.10.01


An iterative learning control scheme for tracking control of a class of uncertain nonlinear systems is presented. By introducing a model reference adaptive controller in the learning control structure, it is possible to achieve zero tracking of unknown system even when the upperbound of uncertainty in system dynamics is not known apriori. The adaptive controller pull the state of the system to the state of reference model via control gain adaptation at each iteration, while the learning controller attracts the model state to the desired one by synthesizing a suitable control input along with iteration numbers. In the controller role transition from the adaptive to the learning controller takes place in gradually as learning proceeds. Another feature of this control scheme is that robustness to bounded input disturbances is guaranteed by the linear controller in the feedback loop of the learning control scheme. In addition, since the proposed controller does not require any knowledge of the dynamic parameters of the system, it is flexible under uncertain environments. With these facts, computational easiness makes the learning scheme more feasible. Computer simulation results for the dynamic control of a two-axis robot manipulator shows a good performance of the scheme in relatively high speed operation of trajectory tracking.