Hydroysis of Rice Straw with Trichoder-ma viride TO4 Cellulase

  • Published : 1978.10.01


Rice Straw was delignified by autoclaving with 1% NaOH solution at $121^{\circ}C$ for one hour and was disintegrated by a Wiley mill to 60 mesh. This substrate was saccharified with cellulase produced by Trichoderma viride T04 in solid culture me-dium. The rate and extent of hydrolysis were both increased when high enzyme concentration and low substrate concentration were employed. The original cellulose was treated with 0.19 FPA unit for three hours and followed by the second treatment for the same period with the same concentration of enzyme after washing. By doing this the hydrolysis rate at the second stage could increase four folds of that unwashed. The same experiment with 0.32 FPA unit yielded two folds suggesting an end-product inhibition on the recaction system. The extent of hydrolysis however, could not be in-creased by this process.