Studies on the Immobilized Whole-cell Enzyme of Arthrobacter simplamide Polymer

  • Kim, Doo-Ha (Korea Advanced Institute of Science) ;
  • Lee, J.S. (Korea Advanced Institute of Science) ;
  • Ryu, D.Y. (Korea Advanced Institute of Science)
  • Published : 1978.10.01


Arthrobacter simplex (ATCC 6946) was cultured, induced and immobilized in acrylamide polymer. The characteristics of the immobilized whole-cell enayme were studied using hydrocortisone as the substrate. The enzyme activity was increased during the incubation of the gel particle in 0.5% peptone media. The ennzyme reaction kinetics of the Δ'-dehydrogenase (3-oxosteroid Δ'-oxydo reductase, E. C. foliowed the Michaelis-Menten type. Km and Vm values were different significantly after immobilization of the cell. The optimum pH and temperature were changed, too. Nitrogen sources such as casitone, peptone or tryptone were good media for the enzyme reaction. And there was no need to add cofactors of the enzyme in the pre-sence of energy sources used in the test. The effect of metal ions on the enzyme activity was insignificant. Organic solvents were used increase the substrate concentration and there was no optimum solvent concentration depending on the substrate concentration.