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Calculating the Approximate Probability of Differentials for ARX-Based Cipher Using SAT Solver
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 Title & Authors
Calculating the Approximate Probability of Differentials for ARX-Based Cipher Using SAT Solver
Lee, HoChang; Kim, Seojin; Kang, HyungChul; Hong, Deukjo; Sung, Jaechul; Hong, Seokhie;
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In this paper, we explain a method of appproximating the differentials probability using a SAT solver. It is possible to increase the probability by constructing the differential characteristic which already known to differentials with a SAT solver. We apply our method to SPECK32 and SPECK48. As a result, we introduced a SPECK32`s 10-round differentials with a probability of, and SPECK48`s 12-round differentials with probability of . Both differentials are new and longer round and higher probability than previous ones. Using the differentials presented in this paper, we improved attacks of SPECK32/64 to 15 round, SPECK48/72 to 16 round, SPECK48/96 to 17 round, which attack 1 more rounds of previous works.
Differential Cryptanalysis;Differentials SAT;SPECK;
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