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A Comparative Review on Building Height Regulations Using GIS Simulation
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 Title & Authors
A Comparative Review on Building Height Regulations Using GIS Simulation
Kim, Ho-Yong; Yun, Jeong-Mi;
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This study reviewed different results according to the selection of viewpoints and considerations of the neighborhood in the analysis of view to regulate the height of buildings. To do this, 4 cases were set according to the analytical methodology and a GIS simulation was performed. Characteristics of each methodology were compared and analyzed by simulated values with ANOVA(analysis of variance) and post-hoc analysis. First, the method using moving viewpoints was found to be appropriate for the regulation of building height as it could reflect basic characteristics of landscape which was sequential and it did not show big difference in analysis result according to situational setting. Second, the method using grid viewpoints showed a problem that viewpoints at left and right sides viewed ridges of other mountains than the background mountains of the target land. Additionally, the simulation method that induces three-dimensional cross-sections between multiple sight-surface and virtual construction points created at viewpoints used in this study was found to be useful in the simulation review with various settings as it induced the marginal height of the spot quantitatively.
GIS Simulation;Building Height;View Point;ANOVA;
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